Top 10 Best Ransomware Decryption Tools

Ransomware is malware that locks computers or encrypts files and stipulates a ransom (in form of money) in exchange.

Lets Decryptinfo about Best Ransomware decryption tools

  1. 360 Ransomware Decryption Tool

360 Ransomware Decryption Tool got the ability to calculate the decryption key. After extracting the decryption key, users just need to enter the decryption key on the ransom note to unlock their computer machines. 360 Ransomware Decryption Tool is originally meant to deal with Petya ransomware, but it can grab the decryption key of another Ransomware as well.


Avast’s anti-ransomware tool meant for a certain type of Ransomware. Avast’s anti-ransomware is more effective in that it comes with an active virus scanner that works in real-time to safeguard computer-systems against malware and ransomware attacks.


  1. AVG Ransomware Decryption Tools

AVG Ransomware Decryption Tool is another best decryption tool that can support to decrypt files encrypted by Ransomware. Though, it can only decrypt files encrypted by Apocalypse, BadBlock, Bart, Crypt888, Legion, SZFLocker, TeslaCrypt Ransomware.


  1. BitDefender Anti-ransomware

BitDefender Anti-ransomware, it’s not actually a ransomware decryptor. The best thing is that BitDefender Anti-ransomware can protect computers against CTB-locker, Petya, Locky, and TeslaCrypt ransomware. This tool is destined to stop the ransomware attack before any files are encrypted.


  1. Emsisoft Ransomware Decryption Tools

Emsisoft Ransomware Decryption tool is one of the top-rated ransomware decryption software. The tool is pretty powerful, and it does not ever flop to decrypt files encrypted by major Ransomware. It can easily decrypt files encrypted by Apocalypse, Xorist, Stampado, and BadBlock Ransomware.


  1. Kaspersky Rakhni Decryptor

Kaspersky Rakhni Decryptor is a unique effective ransomware decryptor existing for the Windows operating system. The Kaspersky Rakhni Decryptor can decrypt files encrypted by the latest and famous Ransomware like Aura, Autoit, Chimera, Rotor, Rakhni, Plextor, Lamer, and much more.


  1. McAfee Ransomware Recover

McAfee Ransomware Recover is another best Ransomware decryption tool that can be used on Windows operating systems. McAfee Ransomware Recover can unlock files, software, databases, and any other file that are encrypted by Ransomware. The tool receives recurrent updates with additional decryption keys.

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  1. Quickheal Ransomware Decryption Tool

Quickheal Ransomware Decryption is a reliable and effective Ransomware decryptor for Windows 10. The tool is expert to decrypt files encrypted by major Ransomware like Cryptxxx, Ninja Ransomware, Troldesh, ODC, LeChiffre, etc


  1. Symantec Endpoint Protection

Symantec Endpoint Protection has a unique ability to maximize the security performance of computers with a multi-layered defense. Symantec Endpoint Protection easily dodges Ransomware and unknown attacks with a combination of signatureless and critical endpoint technologies. Not only that, but Symantec Endpoint Protection can also defend computers from possible zero-day attacks.


  1. Trend Micro Lock Screen Ransomware Tool

Trend Micro Lock Screen Ransomware Tool is designed to decrypt the lock screen. That one locks the screen and limits the users from accessing the computer.



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