How To Bypass 50GB Import Limit

As we all know that is a cloud storage and file hosting service offered by Mega Limited, a company based in New Zealand. Now today we will decryptinfo about how To Bypass 50GB Import Limit?

Follow the Steps:

Step 1.

Create a new mega web account with tempmail webtool, verify it and login on new MEGA account which is created


Step 2.

Add Google Extension Tampermonkey to your browser to execute the script


Step 3.

Click on the Tampermonkey extension Icon from your browser and choose the option “Create a New Script”-

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This will open up the Tampermonkey Script Editor. Select and Delete all of the content that is already written.


Step 4.

Now open the link and copy the script from the pastebin link below Script


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Step 5.

Paste the copied script into the Tampermonkey userscript section. Then click file option & save the script


Step 6.

Now just make sure that script’s enabled and you’re all set to go.

“Hurree” As long as there’s a remaining space in your cloud, you can import any link bypassing the 50GB limit.

This script works only for imported links.

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