Top 5 ways to [Increase Traffic] to your blog for year 2021

Blogs are a very widespread way of endorsing your product or service. They are easy to install, maintain, troubleshoot and update. And search engines love them too. But what is a blog without traffic? Exactly. Here are five quick ways to boost traffic to the medium blog site and start seeing those big Gmail blogs.

Let’s decryptinfo about how to increase traffic on the blog for the year 2021

Create a list of blog services

There are a lot of Shopify blog services that can ping. This means that you notify this service, that you’ve updated medium blog sites.
These blog services then list your new and you get the traffic from them. These kind of blog services lists are also available online you can search google search console or google web search or any other search engine for it. That should be plenty to give a primary boost to traffic like big Gmail blogs, medium blog services.blog_services_decryptinfo

Improve buttons to current news readers

There are sites like yahoo or Gmail blog, dropbox blog or Bloglines etc, which have a huge members area where you can opt sites with RSS feeds to fetch the latest updates from Gmail blog, dropbox blog or Bloglines blogs.
In that method, you can have the newest updates from let’s say 50+ blogs listed on one page. I have a list of these current pages on the website plus the buttons which link to them. Users can then effortlessly add a blog to their newsflash reader member’s zone.


Update content regularly

Google web Search engines and blog services love regular updates. It’s very likely that you will get targeted traffic from search engines if you post regularly. It means you should create a fresh post to your blog at least once per day. But keep in mind that don’t update more than 10 posts for the day can harm rating also.


Add Posts in forums

Post always something fresh, unique, and interesting and put a link to your blog. Post in forums, but don’t spam them. For example, if you’re a marketing device, post in forums that are in business with music and CDs. Always take care that doesn’t post in furniture or any car forums if you’re selling music CDs. Submitting in forums you will get one-way links which are good for search engine position in search engines like google web search, google search tricks, google search page or smart search google or MSN or yahoo.


Submit to blog search engines

There are multitudes of search engines available, that list only blogs. To find a blog search engine just google for the keyword “blog search engines” and you should find a minimum of 10 of them. These blog search engines will support you with targeted traffic. Always be sure to pen a good title and a good description to the blog, so that people will easily find it and click on the blog link.

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