5 Main Factors For Website Usability

If you have had a website, or if you are thinking of making one, it is very important that you take into account its usability. Users and clients, with the time flies and the improvement of technology, have become very demanding in terms of what it means to surf the Internet.

That is why usability can be the attributes that mark the success or failure of a website.

When we talk about usability, we refer to the ease of use of a website for those who browse it. Mainly, it is about that the users who enter the site find something that is intuitive, friendly and simple. If the use and navigation of the website require prior learning or investigation of the pages, then it is not a site that has worked on usability.

The reality is that you may have thought in detail about each of the elements considered most important for the creation of a website: a platform to create the site, the ideal hosting for your needs, and the acquisition of a web domain. But if you don’t think about usability, everything you’ve already selected is useless.

It is important to clarify that usability is not the same as user experience, although they are related. As we mentioned, usability refers to the degree of ease of use of a website for users. As for the user experience, it implies the satisfaction of a person, after browsing the web. It has to do with the degree of compliance after interaction with the site. This is why usability is a very important factor in user experience.

By taking usability into account, multiple benefits are obtained that will take your website to the top. The main thing is to have a site with this feature worked, the communication that is established between the website and the user. In this way, the navigator will be able to fulfill the objective that led him to enter the page.

Another benefit of usability is the decrease in the bounce rate. Being easy to use, users will not leave the site without taking action. This also implies an increase in visiting time.

All these benefits are the path to the most important goal: increasing conversions on the website and making it successful and profitable. This is why working on usability becomes important.

Let’s decryptinfo about 5 main Factor for website usability

1.Think like user

Before creating to design website, think like the user who is going to browse that website. The reality is that, in general, when creating a website, we forget our role as consumers and go into placing as much information as possible. This is counterproductive for someone who does not know the content and is bombarded with data.

Thinking like a user and investigating different websites will help you make the website you create much more useful. Remember that what seems simple to you may be very complicated for someone else.


2.Use simple designs

Always select the simple design and template, and choose that design which has the greatest number of options. Although aesthetically it is an acceptable and highly attractive design, when thinking about a website it is mandatory to focus on simplicity.

A clean design will give users greater clarity. This will advantage to an increase in the ease of use of the website.

A good website has both great design and great content.


3.Have the contents organized

It’s essential to order content in a way that is easy for users to find. On many occasions, websites that have all the disorganized information. This means users cannot find what they are looking for. It also happens with products in online stores that are not organized by category.


“Content precedes design. Design in the absence of content is not design, it’s decoration.”

Jeffrey Zeldman

4.Make interaction easy and insight

Webpage always is interactive, to make contact, fill out a form or whatever conversation hope will be made on the website, must be free. This means that to carry out the long-awaited action, there should not be obstacles that obstruct the process, nor should it be complicated.

For example, if you design a website for a chain of restaurants, most visitors will expect to find the restaurants’ menus as well as maps that show where each restaurant is located.



5.The design must be responsive

The responsive and adaptive web design is one that complies with the device with which the site is browsed. The screen of a cell phone and computer are different so that is why the website for mobiles or tablets has a responsive design.


As discussed, usability is very important for a website. Working on the factors mentioned will help the website be more successful and browsed by users.

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