Top 101 Basic Full forms in Computer

Basic Full Forms in Computer

A computer system is a collection of hardware and software components that work together to perform various tasks. The central processing unit (CPU) is the brain of the computer system and is responsible for performing all the calculations and processing. It is connected to the random access memory (RAM) which serves as the temporary memory that stores data for the CPU to access quickly. Data and instructions are also stored on the storage device such as hard disk drive (HDD) or solid-state drive (SSD) for long-term storage. The motherboard is the main circuit board that connects all the components of the computer system together. The power supply unit (PSU) provides power to all the components of the computer system. The monitor displays the output of the computer system, while the keyboard and mouse are the primary input devices used to interact with the computer. An operating system (OS) is the software that manages the computer’s resources and provides a user interface. These components work together to perform a wide range of tasks such as data processing, internet browsing, gaming, and more.

Here is list of  Top 101 Basic Full forms in Computer from decryptinfo:

  1. DOS                         Disk Operating System
  2. RAM                         Random Access Memory
  3. ROM                        Read Only Memory
  4. OS                            Operating System
  5. BIOS                        Basic Input Output System
  6. MS                           Microsoft
  7. FTP                           File Transfer Protocol
  8. PDA                          Personal Digital Assistant
  9. WiFi                        Wireless Fidelity
  10. WLL                         Wireless Local Loop
  11. OCR                        Optical Character Recognition
  12. BCR                         Bar Code Reader
  13. MICR                       Magnetic Ink Character Recognition
  14. OMR                       Optical Mark Reader
  15. C-DAC                    Center for Development of Advanced Computing
  16. ENIAC                     Electronic Numerical Integrator and Calculator
  17. UNIVAC                  Universal Automatic Computer
  18. CPU                        Central Processing Unit
  19. ALU                         Arithmetic Logic Unit
  20. CU                            Control Unit
  21. MIPS                        Micro Instructions Per Second
  22. POST                       Power On Self Test
  23. DPI                           Dots Per Inch
  24. PDF                          Portable Document Format
  25. DSL                          Digital Subscriber Line
  26. ADSL                       Asymmetric DSL
  27. VIRUS                     Vital Information’s and Resources Under Seize
  28. MODEM                 Modulator Demodulator
  29. LAN                         Local Area Network
  30. MAN                      Metropolitan Area Network
  31. WAN                      Wide Area Network
  32. PAN                        Personal Area Network
  33. WORM                  Write Once Read Many
  34. GUI                        Graphical User Interface
  35. URL                        Uniform Resource Locator
  36. HTML                     HTML Hyper Text Markup Language
  37. XML                       Extensible Markup Language
  38. HTTP                     Hyper Text transfer Protocol
  39. SMPS                    Switch Mode Power Supply
  40. USB                       Universal Serial Bus
  41. UPS                       Uninterruptible Power Supply
  42. MAC                      Media Access Control (NIC)
  43. IP                            Internet Protocol
  44. DBMS                    Data Base Management System
  45. TCP/IP                   Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol
  46. BASIC                     Beginner’s All-Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code
  47. FORTRAN             Formula Translation
  48. HDD                       Hard Disk Drive
  49. DVD                       Digital Versatile Disk
  50. CD-ROM               Compact Disk – Read Only Memory
  51. CRT                       Cathode Ray Rube
  52. LCD                        Liquid Crystal Display
  53. LED                        Light Emitting Diode
  54. PING                      Packet Internet Gopher
  55. COBOL                 Common Business Oriented Language
  56. PPP                        Peer to Peer Protocol
  57. CD-RW                 Compact Disk – Read & Write
  58. MPEG                   Moving Picture Experts Group
  59. JPEG                     Joint Photographic Experts Group
  60. GIF                       Graphics Interchange Format
  61. PNG                     Portable Network Graphics
  62. VDU                     Visual Display Unit
  63. ISDN                    Integrated Services for Digital Network
  64. WINDOWS         Wide Interactive Network Development for Office Work Solutions
  65. ASCII                    American Standard Code for Information Interchange
  66. AI                          Artificial Intelligence
  67. IC                          Integrated Circuits
  68. VLSI                      Very Large Scale Integrated Circuits
  69. ULSI                     Ultra Large Scale Integrated Circuits
  70. PROM                  Programmable ROM
  71. EPROM                Erasable Programmable ROM
  72. EEPROM              Electronically Erasable Programmable ROM
  73. SRAM                  Static RAM
  74. DRAM                 Dynamic RAM
  75. KB                        Kilo Byte
  76. Kb                        Kilo bit
  77. GB                       Gigabyte
  78. MB                       Megabyte
  79. TB                       Terabyte
  80. ZB                       Zeta byte
  81. ATM                   Automated Teller Machine (Asynchronous Transfer Mode)
  82. CAD                   Computer Aided Design
  83. DMA                  Direct Memory Access
  84. DTP                    Desktop Publishing
  85. SIM                     Subscriber Identity Module
  86. WWW                World Wide Web
  87. ZIP                      Zone Information Protocol
  88. RTF                      Rich Text Format
  89. TFT                      Thin Film Transistors
  90. ISP                       Internet Service Provider
  91. YB                         Yotta Byte
  92. ZB                        Zetta Byte
  93. Li-Fi                      Light Fidelity
  94. WYSIWYG          What You See Is What You Get
  95. VGA                     Video Graphics Array
  96. VR                       Virtual Reality
  97. VRML                  Virtual Reality Markup Language
  98. EDSAC                Electronic Delay Storage Automatic Calculator
  99. FLOPS                Floating Point Operations Per Second
  100. MBR                  Memory Buffer Register
  101. WiMAX              Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access

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