2022: English Top 25 Idioms Commonly Used In Daily Language


Sr. No  Common Idioms Meaning Example
1 A blessing in disguise seems bad, but is actually good Accidently registering for the wrong class was actually a blessing in disguise.
2 Actions speak louder than words actions are more important than words You say you love me but actions speak louder than words.
3 A piece of cake easy That test was a piece of cake.
4 Beating around the bush not discussing what is important/procrastinating I needed to study, but I kept beating around the bush.
5 Big task on your hand having something important to finish My teacher gave me a new assignment, so I have a big task on my hands.
6 Break a leg wishing someone to do well/ good luck You will do fine on your presentation. Go break a leg out there.
7 Can’t stand (something) to dislike something I can’t stand having to do homework on a Sunday.
8 Check out that give that a look Check out that very cool looking car.
9 Close but no cigar close but failed at the end You got a 79% on the test. Almost a B…close but no cigar.
10 Don’t sweat it don’t worry about it You accidently scratched my car but I don’t care. Don’t sweat it.
11 Driving me bananas making me feel crazy My very loud neighbors are driving me bananas.
12 Easier said than done easy to say, but hard to actually do Changing the world is easier said than done.
13 Get out of town I don’t believe you You got an A in your Finance class? Get out of town!
14 Get over it forget about the past He broke up with his girlfriend but he needs to get over it.
15 Gone off track forgot about your future goal My friend really got off track because he failed three classes this semester.
16 Hands down for certain the right answer America is hands down the best place to study abroad.
17 Hang on a second wait for a moment Hang on a second…I am waiting for my laundry to finish.
18 Hang out spend time with a friend Joe and I hang out after class every week.
19 Have stumbled upon to accidentally discover something I stumbled upon a new restaurant while walking around downtown.
20 Hold your horses wait/calm down Hold your horses. I am still eating my lunch.
21 How’s it going? How are you? How’s it going today, Bobby?
22 I made a key decision make an important decision I made a key decision to finish college.
23 Inside scoop the details Hey give me the inside scoop on how you met John.
24 In the bag will definitely happen My baseball team will win the game. It is in the bag.
25 I was knocked on my heels I was surprised I was knocked on my heels when I realized I got the job.


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